detox for health

Helene uses a number of safe and effective detoxification programs, as well as tailoring individual programs. Well designed detox programs help to gently cleanse the body of toxic build up. They focus on fresh wholefoods and supplements that support the body’s natural detoxification systems leading to renewed energy, vitality and improved health. During a detox, Helene will teach you how to reduce toxicity through dietary changes, gentle exercise and other simple techniques. At the end of a detox you will look and feel great.

is a detox program for you?

Many of us are not functioning at our full potential due to the stresses of modern life. Poor diet, lack of exercise, stress and environmental pollution can lead to a build up of toxins in the body. This can lead to a lack of energy and vitality and to a host of non-specific symptoms. A detox program can help if you:

  • regularly eat a poor diet and drink too much alcohol and caffeine
  • are feeling stressed and tired
  • are having difficulty concentrating
  • are eating poorly or lacking the energy you need to exercise regularly
  • are not functioning to your potential

simple and easy to follow

  • No fasting is required (nutritious meals are essential to detoxify safely and effectively).
  • You will receive a comprehensive manual to take home which includes meal plans and a variety of easy and delicious recipes.
  • You will be supported and monitored by Helene, which makes the program safe for you to follow

A detox program can help to you improve your energy levels and to enjoy the amazing benefits of feeling great.