nutritional supplements

Should you be supplementing?

Many nutritional surveys have shown that most of us have low intakes of certain nutrients and the average daily intakes of populations do not meet the RDI for a range of  nutrients including calcium, iron and zinc. The RDI may not be adequate to support optimal health and it is know that certain nutrients, such as antioxidants, have beneficial effects when consumed in higher quantities than the RDI.

Unfortunately the quality of our soil is poor due to modern commercial farming methods, which means that our food is depleted of vitamins and minerals. It may also contain chemicals and pesticides, which are harmful to your health.  The non-organic fresh fruit and vegetables that we purchase are often picked before they ripen naturally and can be irradiated, gassed, artificially ripened and stored for extended periods of time. In addition, many individuals are consuming foods that have been over cooked, canned, processed, refined, pasturised and genetically modified. This all contributes to nutritionally deficient food.

If supplied with proper nutrients, your body has the ability to heal, repair, regenerate, protect and regulate itself, but without adequate nutrients, your body cannot perform these innate healing mechanisms. Top quality, professionally prescribed supplements can help to maintain optimal health and prevent the onset of disease. This is especially important if you are on a restricted diet or if you don’t eat a healthy, well balanced diet.

Specific groups who may need to supplement

  • Women who have excessive menstrual blood loss (iron)
  • Pregnant and lactating women (iron and folinic acid)
  • Strict vegans (iron, calcium and B12)
  • The elderly
  • Individuals with reduced sun exposure (vitamin D)
  • Individuals on strict diets or weight loss programs
  • Alcoholics (all nutrients, especially B1)

Orthomolecular nutrition or medical nutrition

Orthomolecular is a term made up of ortho, which is Greek for ‘correct or right and molecule, which is the simplest structure that displays the characteristics of a compound. So it literally means the right molecule. Linus Pauling coined the term in 1968 to describe his findings that disease could be eradicated by giving the body the right molecules of nutrients.

Orthomolecular nutritionists believe that we are all unique. We all eat different foods grown in varying soils, yielding differing nutrients – and we all have a unique body shape and size, which we exercise differently in various work and play environments. We also have different physical and emotional stresses. So, while everyone has the same list of required natural substances such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes and hormones, the healthy amounts are determined by lifestyle and environment. It is the relative amount of right molecules that is important to each of us individually. When they get out of balance, disease can result.

Disease can result from excesses and deficiencies of the natural substances our bodies need so that they can grow and replace tissue. Treatment of disease by orthomolecular nutritionists, therefore, is aimed at bringing these natural substances into balance. Therefore, nutrients can  be  used successfully to treat and manage a range of conditions (without the side effects experienced with pharmaceuticals). For example, anti inflammatory nutrients can be used to clear up blocked sinuses, to reduce pain and to help with healing.

Why practitioner only products?

There are countless ranges of nutritional supplements on the market. However, we are all different, so one supplement might not necessarily fit all. Purchasing supplements from a qualified nutritionist or chiropractor will ensure that you are getting supplements that meet your individual health needs.

Helene and Shalom are the ideal people to speak to about nutrition and supplementation. They are both fully qualified to prescribe nutritional medicines and they have spent years studying the biochemistry of the body and many aspects of health and illness. Please consult with them for professional advice about nutritional supplementation. It is important when you are supplementing have regular check-ups, even when you feel good. This will ensure that we can help you to maintain your health and prevent any symptoms that may come up.

Professional nutritional supplements
Helene and Shalom prescribe Dr Vera’s nutritional supplements. They are free of extra (potentially allergenic) inactive ingredients, which are often found in supplements purchased off the shelf. These inactive ingredients are called excipients and are usually included to assist with the manufacturing process. While they are helpful during manufacture, they may not be beneficial for your optimal health. Dr Vera’s only use amino acids and silica as excipients. This means that this range can be used by individuals who are very sensitive and reactive. Dr Vera’s products are manufactured with vegetable capsules. Capsules are easier to digest than tablets and they do not contain the added colours found in tablet coatings.

Helene and Shalom also prescribe Orthoplex practitioner only supplements. Both ranges are created and manufactured by Henry Osiecki. He is known for his integrity and his biochemical expertise. His formulae are designed to combine therapeutic doses of nutrients with synergistic co-factors. This means that the nutrients work collectively on specific biochemical pathways.

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